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We, Jo-Mei Games are an independent development studio for Videogames.

Jo-Mei was founded in November 2009 by Cornelia Geppert and Boris Munser who have been successfully working together as a team in the games industry for 20 years.


Jo-Mei Games began with game development projects of various sizes for clients like:

Ubisoft, BMW, Volkswagen and the German Telekom.


The first video game production was an online multiplayer dungeon crawler with roundbased PvE and PvP elements called KOYOTL, which was a collaboration with one of German’ys major publisher for browser games called Upjers.

In February 2013, our 3D browser game Brave little Beasties went into Closed Beta. Due to the success of KOYOTL, we were able to extend our collaboration with our publisher Upjers into another round. On Juli 13th 2013 Brave little Beasties was released and is still played today by a loyal fan community.

In July 2014 we successfully got a new funding package from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg for a prototype for our first Independent Game called Sea of Solitude. November 2014 our last Free-To-Play game productions Monkey Bay went into closed beta on browsers and went live in May 2015 on browser and mobile devices.

In 2016 we succesfully started a collaboration with the publisher Electronic Arts who supports Sea of Solitude with their EA Originals program. Sea of Solitude was released on Ps4, Xbox One and PC Origin in July 2019! It is nominated for several prices and won several. 

In 2020 we started to collaborate with the renowned game developer and publisher Quantic Dream. We developed Sea of Solitude: The Director's Cut exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Quantic Dream is the publisher and even supported us with the development. It released on March 4th 2021!

In 2021 we received Prototype funding from the City Berlin, called Medienboard funding, for our next Videogame production "Project Ocean" (working title).


In early 2023, thanks to the above mentioned Prototype, we successfully secured German Governmet Funding and Publisher support.


Right now we are deep into the full production of Project Ocean!

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